Join us for a Belgian-themed evening of bikes, beer, & chocolate!

Did you know that the first European baby born in New York was of Belgian descent? Or, that some of NYC's streets and building can claim direct lineage to Belgium? There's more hidden-Belgium here than one might realize. In celebration of Belgian Independence, this 'happy-hour-ride' will begin near Union Square and explore the hidden pockets of Belgium that Manhattan has to offer. And, of course, it wouldn't be proper toast to Belgian Independence without relaxing over cheese, chocolate & beer!

From the Empire State building on down to Battery Park, the island is full of Belgian treats and treasures. We'll participate in the time-honored Antverpian tradition of hand-throwing, treating Madison Park passer-bys to a most unique lawn game.  We'll discover the Flemish architecture of the Financial District and the Village. We'll speak the language of Flanders, sample Belgian Chocolates & Cheeses, and most importantly, end the evening with a Belgian Beer on the Hudson 'canal.'

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Price includes bikes, helmets, bottles of water, Belgian cheese samples, & prizes!
Starts & ends near Unions Square; meeting details provided upon booking

Highlights & 'Hoods:
Hand Throwing contest in Madison Square Park
Financial District
Chocolate treats
Hudson River Greenway