Engaging trips to make the city feel small & accessible

Latitude Bike Trips are an ideal way to engage people of all ages with a variety of interests. And, children are certainly no exception! All of our scheduled trips are suitable for young people but we've had particular success with certain rides in the past. Have a look at some of the examples at the bottom of the page or read below for more background on customizing a family trip.

New York has made remarkable progress in recent years with the growth of parks, bike paths, and bike lanes, all of which have helped to make the city an extremely safe place to ride.  Being part of a group, led by experienced guides, will give you the self-confidence to navigate this city with ease and comfort. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how safe and easy it can be.

When it comes to creating an experience that suits your family perfectly, flexibility and fun are the name of the game. Patiently guiding you through the excitement of the city, you'll find that there will be plenty of time for questions, family photos, and enjoyable detours. Family-friendly food and drink stops are also plentiful along these routes, so we'll be sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater (or, if you're looking for something more exotic or adventurous, New York has that too!). And, maybe most importantly, when nature calls, we're eager to show you that accessible bathrooms than are more plentiful than you might think!

Latitude Bike Trips are ideal for the curious kid in all of us. The ever-changing surroundings mean that you're always finding things to interest and engage, something that is sure to bring good friends and family together.

some of our favorite family fun days:

Lower Manhattan Parks and Playgrounds! Who know Lower Manhattan could be so safe and bike friendly!?  This trip is a great way to take in the excitement of the workweek, or experience the quiet after-hours & weekends, on New York City's oldest and most storied streets.  Beautifully designed parks are tucked in places you'd least expect, so come join us as we discover playgrounds you wish you had as a kid!

Playful Brooklyn. Brooklyn's increasing popularity has brought with it the need for more leisure space, and the kid-friendly amenities are a dream for any active family.  Enjoy the views from the Brooklyn Bridge and the new parks and playgrounds that are flourishing down below.  And, venture further into the borough as we discover why Brooklynites are finding this to be the most creative and fun family environment to raise the next generation of artists, writers, and musicians.

Manhattan Never Gets Old!  From Lincoln Center to Columbia University, bound by Central Park & Riverside Park, Manhattan's West Side has long been home to a youthful vibrancy that makes New York City tick. Some of the city's most venerable food establishments, most accessible greenspaces, and most vibrant cultural & intellectual stimulation, are just a few of the great distinctions the UWS has to offer,

All in the FamilyFor generations, Queens has been THE place for the New York family.  Because of its relative space, it has also been the destination for sports & recreation.  Find out why all the cool kids are going to Queens!

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