Plan a Latitude Party!

Does your mother have a favorite food? Or hobby? Does your best friend have a fascinating personal history in the city? No matter the interest or topic, the New York landscape boasts an overabundance of options to plan your trip around.

Check out some examples below or email to get to begin planning.

A few fun sample rides we've done in the past:

Bike trips for book clubs. Planning a ride around events & landmarks in a book you're reading is the best way to bring the narrative to life!

All about the birthday boy (or girl). In the most recent case, our birthday boy had family roots in the city, and an interest in sports and music. Who knew that his favorite headphones were invented in Brooklyn the year he was born!?   Or, that his relatives hopped the trolleys to see Dodgers games at Ebbets Field!? The icing on the cake came when we pulled up to the house where his parents were married, and the current residents welcomed us in for tea and a tour!

Shoe shopping. You can bet we were perplexed about the combination of activities when we received this request, but it actually works very well! New York's unique fashion sensibilities are alive and well in the city's shoe outlets and boutiques; this ride gets you beyond the footwear of Lower Broadway to steps less travelled.  And, yes, we do have room for shopping bags on the ride home!

Board Games by Bike. A few years back, some members of a local board game club approached us about doing a group activity that was different than their typical game night.  Instead of abandoning their unifying interest entirely, we brought the board games to the streets!  Everyone (including us!) was surprised to know how many games have New York roots & stories, and a bike trip is a great way to bring these game to life.

FOOOOOD. There's not much more to say here. We all know it-- New York's got great food (and food history) of all varieties.  And the bike is an ideal way to enjoy a guilt-free day of gorging. At Latitude, we're always on the lookout for the next great spot; and, are well versed in the many great eateries that have been the backbone of New York's food culture for decades.