Make Your Way Through the Middle Class Mecca of NYC

Come Get Lost With Us in the City's Most Diverse Borough!

In Queens to find locations best

Avenues, roads and drives run west;

But ways to north and south,'tis plain

Are streets or place or even lane.

This poem from the 1920s was an attempt to help residents better navigate the borough; 100 years later, Queens is still confusing as ever! But, amidst this confusion, and tucked among the graveyards, highways, and train tracks (that all seem to create dead ends at every turn), you'll find hidden gems of neighborhoods, quirky architecture, tasty ethnic food, and cultural diversity like no where else in the world.

As our current mayor is quick to point out, the middle class is often overlooked or forgotten about in this city known for its extremes. Well, not in Queens! Queens has long been a middle-class-Mecca and the varried neighborhoods within reflect the true melting pot of everyday life in NYC.

We'll ride through quaint Sunnyside Gardens, built with a push from Eleanor Roosevelt, as one of the nation's first planned communities for the working class. In Forest Hills, we'll encounter an architectural wonderland inspired by the British Garden City model, where the charming gabled and tiled-roof homes reflect a modern American spin on Tudor, Norman, French, and Colonial influences. We'll also roll through Astoria, Jackson Heights, & Corona where we'll encounter Greek Diners, Bollywood theaters, Tibetan dumplings, El Salvadorian discotheques, and grocers speaking Tag-a-long in Little Manila.

And, of course, a visit to Queens would not be complete without sampling the delicious treats along the way. Astoria provides a wealth of options but we'll have to save some room for Jackson Heights, where Indian, Thai, & Philipinno are sure to satisfy. The number of great ethnic food & drink options along this route is almost limitless.  For this reason, we encourage you to mention any specific requests when signing up.  On the day of the ride, we'll discuss all options, and we'll do our best to satisfy all tastes.

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highlights & 'hoods:

Sunnyside Gardens
Jackson Heights
Forest Hills High
Flushing Meadows
Forest Hills Gardens
Juniper Valley Park