Get out And Ride

There are some people (you know who you are!) who can't stand the thought of a stationary bike.  Some like to chat & ride; some like to keep the talking to a minimum. Some like to really push themselves; some just want a comfortable, steady pace. But there is one thing that ties these people together: they view the bike as a machine that should always be in motion.  If this is you, then you've come to the right place!

These private rides are are for the true, yet still curious, cyclists.  Whether you're exploring the city's many bike arteries, or you want experience navigating NYC streets on the move, or you want to get out on the open road (we'd suggest a mix of all three!), we've got a trip for you.  And, of course, like any good distance ride, we're sure to find the best coffee & refreshment stops along these routes.

A few rigorous ride suggestions below. email to inquire about customizing your trip.

Follow the Hudson to the 'Zee.' There are so many great routes up the Hudson, whether it be on the New York or New Jersey side. Either way, they all begin on Manhattan's beautiful Hudson River Greenway, and culminate with great towns & views along the way.

Straight down Broadway. Many-a-cyclists' favorite route down the island, this ride will zig-zag through Manhattan's varied Uptown neighborhoods until reaching the borough's highest point, and then roll straight down exciting Broadway, from Columbus Circle, through Time Square, all the way down to the Wall Street Bull.

Circumnavigate BK. While Brooklyn's waterfront bike route is almost entirely complete (and is definitely worth a trip!), the borough is not bordered by water on the northern end. From the East River to the Harbor, and under the Verazzano Bridge, and out to Coney Island, we'll enjoy Brooklyn's waterfront bike route in its entirety. Then, make our way back through vast neighborhoods of Brooklyn until we reach the Prospect Park loop.

Bronx Greenery to City Island. In addition to the city's two biggest parks, the Bronx Greenways and neighborhoods offer some of the city's best riding. And, City Island's unique character and famed seafood fare make for a great lunch destination.

Hit the Open Road in Queens. Queens is known for its car culture but, if navigated correctly, it can be a cyclists' dream. Weave your way through parks and quiet neighborhoods and before you know it, we might make it to Long Island!

Circumnavigate Manhattan. The island's 50km bike path is almost complete.  Enjoy the smooth paths and new cafe's along the more developed sections, and immerse yourselves in Manhttan's grittier side as we navigate through neighborhoods where path is yet to be completed.