Outings for school groups

With a staff full of teachers-on-the-go, we're well equipped to provide a fun & safe learning experience. There's no better way to grasp any subject than to experience it first-hand, and New York is just the place to do it, with rides available on just about any topic you can imagine!

few of the rides we've done in the past:

Literature: From New Journalism to the poetry of The Beats, Millay, & Walt Whitman, from the Harlem Renaissance to the tall tales of Mark Twain, O'Henry & Washington Irving, New York has it all! It's a breeze to match your English curriculum to the sights and sounds of the Big Apple.

Science & Nature: You'd never guess but this concrete jungle is actually Mother Nature's playground in disguise. Beneath the pavement & skyscrapers, streams and springs still flow; evidence of Manhattan's rolling hills and diverse fauna still exist-- you just have to know where to look! And, because it is situated on the migratory path, NYC's parks can claim one of the most diverse bird populations in the country. The unique geography of the vast New York Harbor makes for a diverse ecosystem no matter how much urban development has tried to surpress it and, as a result, science and nature lessons abound!

Music & Jazz: From Broadway to Juilliard, from the Jazz Age to the punk scene, and from Billy Joel to Biggie, NYC has always been a magnet for musicians of all ages. Heck, that's why we're called The Big Apple! Come experience the city's melodic streets with us as we listen and understand the sounds of the past (and, yes, our bikes will have speakers for this one!).

Architecture & Urban Planning: From some of the oldest cottages & breathtaking churches in America, to the tallest and most modern skyscrapers in the Western Hemisphere, New York City has it all. And, over the years, we've constantly grappled with the challenge of where to fit all those people when they're not in these big buildings!  Join us as we experience the nation's largest urban landscape, with touches of past, present, and future found around every corner.

Sports History: You won't find 'sports history' in most classrooms but, at Latitude we feel obliged to include it in our curriculum!  New York boasts the biggest and the best in everything, and that is certainly true of the city's fabled sports, past and present.