Ride When the Moons are Aligned: The Bikequinox Tour!

Join us this spring, summer, or fall, to find balance within, as we explore some of the most serene sights the city has to offer. This leisurely paced bike trip will make stops throughout the city for brief outdoor yoga sessions, led by a licensed NYC tour guide and certified yoga instructor.  Along the way, you'll be immersed in the vibrant culture of the Big Apple while, at the same time, learning about some of the issues surrounding New York's rise as a city that is now truly at the center of the Yoga Universe.

The borough we choose is up to you! All participants will have an opportunity to vote for one of the options below when you sign up.  The trip route will then be announced a week before the ride. At that point, it will be our job at Latitude to find the most serene spots within that part of the city! (We will not do the same part of the city two times in a row so, if you don't get the borough you voted for the first time around, come back and do it again!)

Serene Solstice Lottery options below:

Breathable Brooklyn
Quiet Queens
Lengthen Your Life in Lower Manhattan
Oasis of Green in Upper Manhattan
An Afternoon Savasana in Staten Island
A Breath of Fresh Air in the Bronx

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